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This is our HOPEMakers Page. People or company, your giving, donating to this very important cause. INVISIBLE WOUNDS. How many in our lifetime will live or fall from INVISIBLE WOUNDS. Is there a cure? DRF can't answer that, but there will be a day of extraordinary happenings. Concert for Hope. Giving out to the public what can help. Awareness, education, direction, guidance, a gathering of like-minded people or ordinary people who just want to say 'thank you for your service', enjoy the day, hearing the stories from such extraordinary people, friendhship building, entertainment....so much is possible....and these people HELPED make  all this HAPPEN! On Behalf of our TROOPS & FAMILIES, VETERANS, DIFFERENT RHYTHM FOUNDATION, WE CAN NOT THANK EACH ONE OF YOU FOR COMING FORWARD LIKE THIS. TO TRIBUTE OUR MILITARY AND HAVE FUN DOING IT....THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! Hoping to see this page very full. See ALL OF YOU on June 13th. If you haven't been following us on Facebook, you can: http://www.facebook.com/concertorhope

What is a HOPEMaker? Someone or thing that creates hope, offers hope, encourages hope. HOPEMakers do NOT judge, assume or bully. They make hope happen. Through whatever moral, legal means necessary...but sometimes, it comes from the heart. I see a lot of big hearts in this world...are you a HOPEMaker? Do you want to be? Some HOPEMakers are below...


Gulf Coast Automotive


Car / Truck / Motorcycle (bike) Show

W.S. Edwards Family

Drawing Donators :


 Peter Cammareri Welding


Robby Martin (the guide): Martin Guide Service.