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Projects, Campaigns & Initiatives

Concert for HOPE

The Concert for HOPE was a charitable fundraiser, backed by Different Rhythm Foundation to help benefit Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor Foundation. Proceeds were to benefit the combat service members and their families. This project never ends. The numbers are still too high. The masses are needed to continue helping. Awareness is a key component. We love their equestrian therapies, also showing man, animal, ocean life and nature have the capacity of healing one another. Symbiosis. All must be preserved.

​To learn more about the Concert for HOPE, click below.





Human - Wildlife Conflict


Globally, countries and private game reserves are engaging in an increasingly sophisticated arms race against poachers, trophy hunters and terrorists, and human-wildlife conflict. Yet the destruction of nature and its wildlife continues. Some experts argue that the battle must be joined on a far wider front that targets supply & demand, while educating the importance of biodiversity and coexistence


Project's Philosophy: To act with honor, integrity, erudition and precision to protect those who know only peace.  


Project's Mission: To ensure the survival of endangered, vulnerable and threatened keystone species of wild animals and helping to provide a safe, secure environment for animals thru helping with innovative new ways to educating community, local community relations, training anti-poaching units (private or business) and experienced counter-units ready to serve.


We are looking for professional, respectful individuals to help in giving from the heart, with dedication, taking trials and tribulations along these industry path's. 
IF YOU have a skill or even mere time and want to help champion these causes, we welcome the thoughtful and kind help or direction. We may be reached by clicking the USA image below. Filling out the contact form and your request will be sent to DRF and you will be contacted.
                   Thank You!

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Project past, but NEVER unfinished in the support of invisible injuries and supporting our troops and their families!


#DRF has completed their last volunteer service in Central America - and DRF are now focusing on Natural Resource - Mauna Kea, Ihumatao, Amazon