​Raymond Jordan 
CEO at Self Help Africa - Ireland

"Rosie has helped the work of Self Help Africa over the last number of years by fund raising for the organization, going to Africa and seeing the work we do and then speaking to many groups about our work in Africa. She has been a great supporter."
Children Receive Books at school in Ghana, Volta Region - Say A BIG THANK YOU!!

How very grateful I am to you for the voice you have raised for the elephants. Crosby, you weren't aware of the wave you were putting into motion, you just knew something had to be done. Rosie, you and your faithful crew not only made certain the baton was carried to its goal, you kept the voices raised in unison. You make me feel small with your stellar determination to work to save our elephants. Asante sana, asante sana, asante sana!

                                              Sherry Steele, Wildlife Artist

Our Mission

Different Rhythm Foundation is a Texas based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes a healing relationship between man and nature. We aim to influence the co-existence through environmental & conservation awareness, education and rehabilitation.

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